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Social Engagement

There is no doubt that physical exercise is an important component for extending wellness. However, the process of aging well includes many more components of health, including emotional and spiritual, as well as socializing with others.

Social engagement is a key reason why our residents choose to live in a senior living community. This is where they develop friendships among peers, exchange information and receive motivation or encouragement to participate in other healthy activities, such as exercise or regular walks.

The desire to be social in a senior living community is increasingly linked to maintaining a modern “connected” lifestyle. For example, many residents learn how to use email to remain in contact with their children, grandchildren and friends. Still others become physically active by pursuing social hobbies such as ballroom dancing, which helps to keep the body fit and the mind sharp by combining physical activity and social interaction with a partner.

There is substantial research and scientific data to support the case for social engagement as key to longevity among residents in senior communities.