Tours, Visitation Information and COVID-19 Updates

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Key Factors To Consider

When visiting our community, you will receive a tour and most likely a meal. You will also have the opportunity to observe resident activities, talk with residents and team members, and examine the upkeep and curb appeal of your new home.

Below are some guidelines for helping you during a senior living community visit:

  • Ensure the community offers all the personal and health services you need immediately or that you are likely to need in the near future.
  • Pay attention to the overall design and appeal of the community.
  • Ask to see a model apartment, as well as an available one that is move-in ready. Check to see if carpets, paint and wallpaper are fresh and clean and that appliances are clean and updated.
  • Check the landscaping and interior décor to see if they are fresh and inviting.
  • Food should be exceptional and of the highest quality.
  • Food service and access to dining should be convenient to the residents.
  • Staff should be friendly, smiling, well groomed and diligent; eager to deliver exceptional service and care to the residents.
  • Talk with the residents and ask how long they have lived in the community and their impressions of the lifestyle there.
  • Check the appearance and upkeep of the public restrooms; this is a good marker of overall standards
  • Ask to see the current monthly activity schedule for residents.
  • Ask to see the latest state survey results.

When all is said and done, the determining factor in choosing a senior living community is often the quality of the service delivered. The Goodman Group’s Platinum Service® is an example of our continuous commitment to serve all residents at an exceptional level.